Bill Ellis Resume


 Member ASCAP since 1971 as a Writer/Publisher

1967 LIBERTY RECORDS – Signed by Liberty Records as a singer /songwriter/arranger for Bristol Boxkite.
Songs published with E.H. Morris. Became member of ASCAP.

INVADERS – Guitarist/Songwriter
Original Instrumental Band. Performed throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

BRISTOL BOXKITE – Singer/Songwriter/Arranger
Original Rock Band. Performed throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and in Reno and Tahoe.

DRAFTED IN 1968. Pulled from field duty as a rifleman with the First Air Cavalry Division in March 1969 to entertain troops at the foxhole level.

Sent to Japan to record four original songs (all written while in Vietnam) on an EP record. 30,000 copies of the record were given to the men of the First Cavalry Division. The title song on the record, “First Cav,” became known as the unofficial fight song for the division.

Appeared on TV and radio shows at Saigon’s AFVN.

Appeared in French film, titled “You Can Never Go Home,” filmed in Vietnam. Performed songs from “First Cav” EP in the film.
SINGER/MUSICIAN. Have traveled the West Coast performing in major hotel chains and clubs. Currently performing SKYTROOPER.

MUSICAL THEATER COMPOSER. Since 1984 I have been writing  a concept album-turned-rock musical about the experiences of a Vietnam soldier who discovers hope through despair. Michael Pinder, former member of the Moody Blues, helped to record and produce 4 out of the 24 original compositions for this rock musical, titled “Beyond The Wall.”

Currently producing Skytrooper (Impressions of a Skytrooper), a musical performance featuring twelve songs that reflect some of the common experiences of combat soldiers serving in the Vietnam War. Ten of the songs in Skytrooper originate from Beyond The Wall (above). However, instead of actors, dancers and singers performing the songs, I perform most of the songs of Skytrooper.




In Country band tour - booked by SRO ARTISTS. West Coast tour of the In Country band. Performed songs from the “In Country” album at colleges and other venues.


“In Country – Songs of the Vietnam War” (Austin City Limits special hosted
by Kris Kristoffereson).
First aired on Veteran’s Day of 1992 across the nation on
PBS stations. This was followed by the release of the “In Country – Songs of the Vietnam War” video through PBS.


Songs of “Beyond The Wall” performed live at the OMNI Theatre. San Francisco, California.


First theatrical performance of “Beyond The Wall.”
Produced by First Team Productions. Performed at the Livermore High School Theatre, Livermore, California, before an audience of over 400.


Flying Fish Records recording session and live concert. Chicago, Illinois.
Featuring seven Vietnam veteran songwriters and their songs concerning
Vietnam experiences.

Release of “In Country” by Flying Fish Records. Owned and distributed by Rounder Records. Available on compact disc. Sold at, among others.


Library of Congress “In Country” Concert and Symposium. Washington, D.C. Performed by vets whose songs were part of The Landsdale Collection, a compilation of songs pertaining to Vietnam and collected by General Landsdale.


California Vietnam Veterans Memorial Dedication. Sacramento, California.
Pre- and post-dedication performances


San Francisco Studios. Benefit to raise funds for the California Vietnam Veterans Memorial.


San Francisco Channel 7 – Vietnam Veterans Salute. A live television broadcast.


Radio Smithsonian – “Rethinking Vietnam.” Washington, D.C.
A nationwide broadcast reflecting the songs of the Vietnam era.


Dedication of 3-Man Statue. Washington, D.C.
Performed for the vets of the First Cav.


First Cavalry Division Annual Reunion. El Paso, Texas. Performed songs from the “First Cav” EP.