(2014 productions)

July 25th:

"My husband is a Vietnam veteran who was not treated kindly upon his return. It's nice to see he can finally be PROUD of his service and not have to worry about rude comments."                                
                                                                    - Cindi Leitner Burtt, Facebook Fan

"Mission accomplished! A very worthwhile mission and a wonderful job. I can't wait to see how your vision is fulfilled to help many more veterans, their families and for that matter all Americans."
                                                                               - Pastor Mark Alan Williams

November 8th:

"Thank you for a great performance! It was an emotional journey back to that time."
                                                                     - Kathy McDonald Zuorski, patron

"A powerful and captivating performance! The sights and sounds were perfectly coordinated ... was joyfully pulled back to those wonderful 60's ..."

                                        - John Guillory, President, 1st Cav Division Association
                                                               Los Angeles / Orange County Chapter

"You guys put on a great show and for such a great cause. It brought a lot of memories back and hopefully will continue to help make the people show appreciation to the men and women who fought in Vietnam."
                                                      - Mariazinha Brown,  wife of Vietnam Veteran

"The show was so inspirational and very uplifting to me and my friend Matt. We enjoyed meeting you and your lovely wife. There was so much feeling in your vocals which moved me and many others who attended. Can hardly wait to get a CD of your songs. I would go to an encore of your show. Great lyrics and very moving music. WOW!!!!!
                                                             - Dana Conklin, wife of Vietnam Veteran

"I was totally blown away! Thank you Bill & Lisa Marie Ellis for sharing your passion for the American Military Servicemen and Women. Your desire and goal to help right a wrong does not go unnoticed. I am honored to be a part of Skytrooper production ."
- Claude Wagner, video presentation engineer

Beyond the Wall
(1991 production)

“The power of Beyond The Wall is in its music…evocative, pulsating, haunting. At last, music worthy of the intensity of our collective Vietnam experience.”

        - J.D. Coleman, Lt. Colonel, US Army Retired

Author of “Pleiku,” “Incursion,” “Wonju”


“…it fills you up… it has a healing message…I want to see this go all the way to Broadway!”

        - Michael Pinder, former member of the Moody Blues


“Your show was powerful, well put together, and seemed like an honest portrayal of the story of many! It ended with hope and left you uplifted with the incredible resiliency of the human spirit.”

        - Kathy De Vilbliss, audience member

“Your production of Beyond the Wall was an overwhelming and emotional experience… You have touched our lives in a way that will never be forgotten.”

- Linda Jones, wife of Vietnam veteran


“It was just fabulous... For the first time here is something the general public who doesn’t know about the Vietnam war can understand. It was honest, straightforward, no Hollywood hype.”

- Dennis Marguet, Vietnam veteran