First Team Productions presents
Two original rock music creations by Bill Ellis

Beyond the wall A Rock Musical
An exciting rock opera with a penetrating message of hope.
A young man is drafted and then sent to Vietnam to serve in a controversial war:  a life-altering experience which, long after he returns home, leaves him feeling bitter and hopeless, searching for answers. A desperate prayer sparks the beginning of a spiritual renewal for the grown man. The story continues on swiftly through the tragedy of 9/11 and the beginning of the war on terrorism, bringing the story full circle as the man observes his own son leave home to serve in the Afghanistan conflict.

The music of Beyond the Wall is powerful and evocative, ranging from haunting ballads to pulsating rock and roll. Beyond the Wall is in the process of final development and is awaiting the necessary funds to launch the full production.

From the bunkers of Vietnam - an original rock music experience!
Haunting, Powerful, and Evocative
Skytrooper (Impressions of a Skytrooper) is a musical performance featuring twelve songs
that reflect some of the common experiences of combat soldiers serving in the Vietnam War. Ten of the songs in Skytrooper originate from a rock musical titled Beyond The Wall (see below), but instead of actors, dancers and singers performing the songs, Bill Ellis performs most of the songs of Skytrooper, much like he did when he performed on the bunkers of Vietnam in 1968-69.

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Skytrooper © Bill Ellis 2014
Beyond the Wall © Bill Ellis 1985

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